Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Big Night!

Celeste reminds us on a weekly bases why she goes to dance....for the RECITAL!! That girl is nothing like her father nor myself when it comes to the stage. She hunts for any reason to soar in the spot light. Her winter recital was originally for December 19th but due to all the snow it was unfortunately postponed until January. She was so bummed to have to wait but we tried to think of the positive and that this delay would give her a couple of extra practices so she and her group would be better prepared. Thankfully that worked! As she said, "Oh yea Mom, we're gonna be awesome!"

For every recital I have been the backstage Mom with Celeste's group and every time I ask myself why? Why in the world would any sane person force themselves to go back stage with costumes, hairspray, makeup, and wigs flying every which way? Well maybe that question just answered itself!?! Hey, here's a plus to it all....I save $7 on the purchase of a ticket (or lack there of) in the audience and I truly get use out of the extremely over priced DVD of the recital! No really...who could say no to those curls and big blue eyes that girl bats at you!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


This year instead of running all over town or to different parties we were able to stay right in our neighborhood for the big night...or maybe I should say the cul-de-sac. All the families in the circle got together with some great food and great friends and brought in the New Year. After all the snow and slow moving around here it was nice to have a night full of entertainment and laughs!
Now this was the BEST New Year's KISS I could EVER hope for!!!!! Little man is such a sweetie....wonder where he gets it from!?!?! I pray for many more years just like this! :)
Thanks KATIE for all the pictures!! :)