Friday, February 20, 2009

Well that didn't take long!!!

Okay so remember that OTHER tooth I was talking about? Well, it too is a goner! Side Note to Lance for future reference: If you want the stinkin' Tooth fairy to visit then I would hold out showing Mom the bloody tooth 2 inches from her nose an hour before her alarm goes off!! Quite the awakening!

Oh and apparently the pile of paper towels are still the key to removing teeth! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ANOTHER first for Lance!!

Well, Lance is just meeting all sorts of milestones this month!!! He's had these two wiggly teeth for what seems like FOREVER and he is just scared to death to pull them out! I keep trying to sneak in "hard" items in his lunch thinking it will do the such luck. Apparently tonight was the night to PULL one out! He was in the bathroom for a really long time and Celeste keep running out to retrieve an abundance of paper towels for him. I guess paper towels are the key to pulling teeth! Any who, HE DID IT!!! He also thought it was funny to spit puddles of blood into my trash can but he did it! According to Lance it's cool to see blood...that's a boy for ya' right!??! Now if we can just get that other tooth!!! Oh wait...I guess one at a time is good...the Tooth Fairy may need to scrounge up some more change before then! :)


So most of you know that I live a VERY busy life. I color code my stinkin' calender so I can keep up with who needs to be where and when. It's a little ridiculous but I absolutely LOVE IT!! The down side of it all is that finishing a monthly crafting magazine, in the SAME month it actually came out in, is normally a big feat in itself. Well, I was laying in the floor a couple of days ago and saw the extension cord that I had yet to remove from the Christmas lights. Right next to it totally crammed in the corner between the armoire and the wall was a nice big stack of books that have been collected all with good intentions to be read...someday! I just start reading and I want to fall asleep!! I can't even seem to make it past the 1st chapter!! A girlfriend of mine suggested a thriller series (I LOVE suspense) that may actually have a chance to be read...versus collecting dust in the corner. It was right on top. I decided to grab it on a whim and start reading. Amazingly enough I made it to chapter 3!!!! THAT'S A RECORD FOR ME!!! I'm sure part of it was that it was in the middle of the day and not when I'm totally exhausted and ready to crash (however I still fell asleep). None the less, I have really gotten into it. Now I'm not planning on making some record and finishing the book before the weekend (I can't imagine how people finish them in a day) but I will say that there are moments I actually CRAVE to read it. I can't wait to find out what happens! This is a REALLY big deal for me guys!! It's probably been 12 years since I've finished a novel! I know I can't WAIT for chapter 32....for a couple of reasons!!!!! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Celeste's Vocabulary

So today Michael and I received a vocabulary lesson from our 7 year old daughter. Apparently there are two different types of "hot"....

Hot: Means like, it's hot outside or the food is hot from the oven.
Hott: Means like, I'm hott. (Otherwise know as "cool" and "stylish" to us old people). Scary...huh!!!!

His First

Last night Lance had his first ever Kindergarten Concert. He had been talking about it for 2 weeks now stop and was beyond excited for the night. With Michael being done this past month Lance's only concern this time around was if Dad was going to be home in time for the concert. Lucky for ALL of us he made it home with a few days to spare. Before the concert he went over all the titles of his songs and informing us which one was his favorite..."Hat and Mittens". He also made a HUGE deal on what he was wearing to the concert....he had to be "cool". So we finally arrive and Lance hops right into his spot on the stage. Celeste was so excited that she even took HER small video camera to record every minute for didn't matter that Dad had the camcorder and I had the camera...that wasn't good enough for her or her little brother.It was a great night and we were ALL so proud of him.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IT Arrived!!!

Normally it's my kiddos that get packages in the mail so needless to say they were excited when we checked the mail and found a small box. Guess what? It wasn't for them it was for ME!!!!!!! I know right away what it was and couldn't get home quick enough to get in it! Sure enough, it was my gorgeous tote made by the Green Fairy herself at Green Fairy Quilts. It looks better in person than I could have ever imagined. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP 100%!!!!! Thank you Judi!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Green Fairy Quilts Update......

Oh mY GoSh!!! I won! I won! I won! I just can't bEliEvE it! I am so ExCiTeD to be receiving the quilted tote (and fabric) from Green Fairy Quilts! Judi is an aMaZiNg quilter with more iDeAs in her pinkie FiNgEr than I could eVeR imagine!

Make sure you stop by her site and check out the latest and greatest designs. You won't be disappointed!

Have I mentioned how ExCiTeD I am?!!?!? Oh My gOsH....I rEaLLy WoN!!!!!!!! ThAnK yOu Judi!!! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another great giveaway!

You guys have got to see this adorable site.....nothing but cute little girl things!!! They are officially having their first ever giveaway. Stop by to join the fun! Of course I must say I'm hesitant to tell you all about it because I want there to be a better chance for ME to win!! There's my line of honesty! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday (on Sunday)!

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

To learn about the inspiration for this carnival, please read "The Hostess With The Mostest".

It's amazing what you find while surfing BLOGGER! Today I came across this wonderful idea. It's always easy to list 10 things you're thankful for at Thanksgiving or on a big holiday...I mean only happens once a year; it's a different story to STOP with the rat race of life and list 10 things you're thankful for on a weekly bases. I am going to do just that and I challenge you too!

1. Great friends..and making new ones.
2. The sun is out in Washington today!
3. My wonderful children (today anyway).
4. Getting a chance to finish a craft project today!
5. My favorite candle from Tyler Candle Company.
6. One less day before my husband comes home!
7. Tylenol
8. The kids let me sleep in this morning!
9. The dogs let me sleep in this morning!
10. The patience I had when the cat DIDN'T let me sleep in this morning!

Okay so I'm cheating a little and making this first post on Sunday. I'll actually follow the rules and start on Tuesday next week.

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Green Fairy Giveaway

Go Here for a really great giveaway. She is giving away a quilted tote and ohhh is it cute!! Also make sure to check out her blog and her patterns. They are really great. If only I was that talented of a quilter!!