Friday, November 21, 2008

Mt. Baker and Friends

We were so very lucky to be able to take a day trip up to Mt. Baker with some family friends of ours-the Yorks. It's always nice in the middle of the hectic holidays to just "check out" and go have some fun! It also amazes me how quick the weather can change in such a short amount of distance! It was a gorgeous drive all along the way with short stops from the bottom of the hill where it was around 46 all the way to the top of the mountain where the temp dropped to around 28!

However nice it was mid-way up the mountain it didn't even compare to the coldness just a few minutes up at the top....... needless to say warmer clothes are A MUST next time!!! You know...something that will TOTALLY cover my entire body and resemble the little boy in The Christmas Story!! :) It was a GREAT day with GREAT friends and GREAT family!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Card Photo Shoot of 2008!

Oh yeah, pictures!!! (Hear the sarcasim in that?) No really--I love taking candid snapshots of the kids while their playing or just doing daily things, but getting us all set up for family pictures is a whole 'nother ballgame!! It's kind of like pulling teeth--to say it nicely! With the ship coming home in October and Michael on some extended leave we decided to take family Christmas pictures early this year. Okay, truth be known, it's so our snot isn't freezing into cartoon characters on the side of our face in December! Well, and that Michael also wanted some facial hair for a change!!! I know--I know, but he's got to show it off while he can! We all get ready and thank our lucky stars that it's NOT currently raining at the time in the lovely state of Washington, then head out to the swamp grounds I've scoped out PRIOR to 5 days of straight rain--another big yeah! The wind is blowing my hair and it's sticking in my lipgloss, the sun is going down, and it's starting to get quite cold---come on kids---quit goofing off and smile for me! YOU TOO MICHAEL! I don't care that your sitting on a rock that's crammed 2 inches into your butt! Let's just get this done!

So, a couple hours later and the idea that shooting myself in the foot sounds like more fun; we have our pictures! At least I think so........

Next year, instead of going somewhere to HAVE our pictures taken, I'll be asking myself all over again why in the world I do this! Hey, at least this year I remembered to take the tripod and didn't have to prop the camera on the top of the van!!! Baby steps, Bob; baby steps!


After years of pulling and prodding I am now in the blog world!! WOO HOO for me!!! Thanks to some of my dearest friends Jessica (The Ottely Crew) and Jenny (Once Upon A Lusty) I can now stay connected with the whole world all behind a computer!!! Thanks girls for helping me find something else to be addicted to! Just what I needed right?!?!?! :)