Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Gosh..what an amazing day. We started off with breakfast around the table Bible study and reading from Luke and Matthew about this special day. Since we're leaving for Texas tomorrow I decided yesterday morning I would go ahead and prepare our big Christmas meal. Truth be told there's nothing better than leftovers...yum, yum...and this gave us the chance for just that!! was easy..heat and eat kinda day. It sure gave me the luxury to slum around the house and just enjoy the family. Makes me kinda wanna prepare the meal every Christmas Eve. Of course we ALL did what we normally do...we eat so much of the "can't live without" spinach dip that we're full before the main meal is ready!But then there's always room for dessert....and a one of a kind dessert it is...Course we all had a great time opening presents too...A GOOD DAY! MERRY CHRISTMAS YA'LL!!! :)

I Give up....

So I keep waiting to post current things in our lives until I catch up on the blogging past. I've come to the conclusion that it AIN'T happenin'!!! So...instead of just getting further and further away from EVER posting I'm diving in and keeping you in the loop! my dreams...I'll back track at some point and fill in the blanks!