Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The rest of the family...

I think something in the world all aligns and animal people some how end up with WAY more animals in there lives then they could have ever thought about. I feel like we are one of those houses that are pit stops for some and resting stops for others.

When we moved here to Washington almost 3 years ago we had Banjo, the mini-Daschund, in our 4-legged animal clan. We also had a small aquarium with one fish, Cletus, who traveled across the United States with us in the back of our van! Then some how a rabbit found it's way to us, SEVERAL more fish, and a kitten who unfortunately finished it's short life out with our family. Then came Cracker, our orange haired tabby who TOTALLY out weighs the rest of our animals all put together! It's also the only pet that we adopted from the shelter that Dad said we would NEVER own again. What can you say when a little boy asks for 3 simple things on his birthday; a monster truck t-shirt, a pair of handcuffs (the real ones), and a kitten. Over this past summer Celeste FINALLY got her little doggy. Ashley (can you tell we let our children name the animals) the Chihuahua, came from our Texas visit. Celeste was told 3 years ago she could get the dog.....we tried hard to change her mind...guess who lost!
Our pets are so very much a part of our family. We are so thankful they love us unconditionally and love each other too! Life...nor my lap...would be the same without them. :)

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