Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jam, jam, jam!!!

Even after 3 years I'm still floored on all the wild blackberries that grow here in Washington. I remember the first trip we made into the mountains just about two weeks after we moved here. The weather was cold compared to the 103 degrees we had just came from but gorgeous none the less. People were out everywhere! Apparently everyone else had the bright idea to head out of town too. The little two lane State highway was backed up and at many times at a dead stop. Every time we would come to a halt I would jump out of the car and fill up this water jug we had with as many blackberries as possible. I'm sure I stood out like a sore thumb as a "tourist" but we were just amazed at the blackberries...I mean, right there lined up on the road side just 8 feet away from the car door!!! Well, we STILL love the blackberries just as much now. Last year the weather didn't quite cooperator with us and we didn't have a super productive berry season...this year has been a whole different story. I had already warned the family that we would be doing some SERIOUS picking this summer as to stock up before we transferred to Florida in November. Well guess what we've done two days this past week? Yep...some 25 cups of blackberries....all waiting for a yummy dish. Most of it has gone to blackberry jam and some is waiting for a bowl of vanilla ice cream and others are waiting for cobbler!!! I need to grab a towel and clean up the drool now...
Of course picking berries sometimes comes with casualties!!! And YES my neighbor has already pointed out my lovely fashion statement in the making!
It REALLY did hurt...and it was WAY worse than what this picture is showing! OUCH! Love the stained berry hands...not sure which is berries and what is blood!
My mouth was already going crazy smelling it!!! Good thing the cook gets to sample!!
But of course the end product is the BEST! Canned and ready to head to Florida (or where ever the Navy decides to send us)!!! And more importantly these berries were picked with love and will be eaten...all with love!


The Red Shorts said...

WOW! You're like a new age Martha Stewart! I don't expect Martha would where that outfit though ... I'm just sayin.

Gramma 2 Many said...

They certainly are abundant here. Some of us must take them for granted, cause I do not pick them any more. If you want to sell them, people will pay hugh bucks for them:)
Peaches are all canned though.

Drew and Jess said...

yum! how fun :)