Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend Starts....

So we started off on Saturday afternoon with the city's egg hunt. It was COLD and CROWDED, but they DID have HOT CHOCOLATE and COOKIES so that made it all better! I can't believe how fast kids can clean up a bazillion eggs off the ground!! We waited about 10 minutes for the egg hunt to start and it was over in what seemed like 45 seconds! AMAZING! Good thing I had "the talk" with the kiddos on the way there...."Look guys this is not what Easter is all about. This just to have a little fun...not to fill your buckets to the top...just fun. And we're gonna be happy with whatever we get...right?!!?" (I bet every parent can hear that speach in the back of their brains)I think Lance was still trying to convince himself that he was "happy with what he got". Poor's hard to get eggs when he's clumped in with the 12 year olds! They both did well.

Come evening time we headed to church. We're the traditional Sunday morning people but last week the church asked the regular attendees to come Saturday so to leave Sunday open for our "Easter guests". It was a little odd feeling going to church in the evening but I must say.....I'll enjoy sleeping in on Sunday morning!!! The kids and I discussed the real meaning for Easter and talked about the baptisms that took place at church that evening. This was such a treat for me. We read the Bible, have studies, bible stories and such but there getting older. They're wanting more details of the story...and their starting to apply Christ to their own lives. It makes me cry inside with joy. I'm excited about this change...this understanding that there really is something bigger than what we're living right now. With age comes change....comes knowledge and understanding. I can't wait to see what lies ahead and I pray for the strength and guidance to lead them down the right path!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's egg hunt...... :)

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Becca said...

Whoo-hoo! Looks like fun!! I love Easter egg hunts...but I love them better in warmer weather!