Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IT Arrived!!!

Normally it's my kiddos that get packages in the mail so needless to say they were excited when we checked the mail and found a small box. Guess what? It wasn't for them it was for ME!!!!!!! I know right away what it was and couldn't get home quick enough to get in it! Sure enough, it was my gorgeous tote made by the Green Fairy herself at Green Fairy Quilts. It looks better in person than I could have ever imagined. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP 100%!!!!! Thank you Judi!!!!


Gramma 2 Many said...

I really need to order her pattern.
I am so jealous, except that is a sin, so I will be so happy for you:) Bring it over when we have lunch so we can all ooh and aah ove it.

Jess and Drew said...

that's really cute, cristie! :)
--love you!!!

Judi said...


It fits you perfectly! I love it. Can I link this post? I am going to do another giveaway hopefully by the end of this week so stayed tuned!

Take care!