Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ANOTHER first for Lance!!

Well, Lance is just meeting all sorts of milestones this month!!! He's had these two wiggly teeth for what seems like FOREVER and he is just scared to death to pull them out! I keep trying to sneak in "hard" items in his lunch thinking it will do the such luck. Apparently tonight was the night to PULL one out! He was in the bathroom for a really long time and Celeste keep running out to retrieve an abundance of paper towels for him. I guess paper towels are the key to pulling teeth! Any who, HE DID IT!!! He also thought it was funny to spit puddles of blood into my trash can but he did it! According to Lance it's cool to see blood...that's a boy for ya' right!??! Now if we can just get that other tooth!!! Oh wait...I guess one at a time is good...the Tooth Fairy may need to scrounge up some more change before then! :)


Jess and Drew said...

awww, cute! i didn't realize he and caraline were going through this at the same time :)

Martha said...

So Cute!!! He's getting to be a big boy!!!!