Thursday, December 4, 2008

Celeste and Girl Scouts

This is Celeste's 4th year in Girl Scouts and my third year as her leader. I think each year as we learn more about the organization we get more excited and have lots more fun! Today we had our Troops Court of Awards Ceremony. It's a time for each girl to be honored on all the events, service projects, and awards they've earned over a certain period of time. This particular ceremony covered items from June '08 to November '08. Celeste had a wide variety of projects she had accomplished. We are all so very proud of her.
A few of the items she received patches for are Piston Cup (box car races), Food Drive where she went door to door and collected food for our local food bank, 3 weekend camping patches where they learned how to put up their own tents, cook with dutch ovens, and completed service projects by cleaning up the camp grounds. She also earned patches for Save Our Sound with is an environmental group we helped out by protecting the Puget Sound in planting native trees around water ways. Some 700 trees were planted that day! Celeste received her Summer service star when she completed a service project by picking up trash along CR 479 in the blazing summer heat of Texas for 1 mile. She received patches for marching in the July 4th parade with our local VFW sponsors and completing 30 hours of reading over the summer months (that was TASKING). Girl Scouts earn triangular patches called Try-Its where the scout must complete 4 tasks associated with the each badge. Celeste earned 5. They range from writing our troop pen pals in England, learning to eat right and stay healthy with food, and exercise as well as manners and cooking! Celeste has worked with extreme diligents and has gone above and beyond to complete her list of accomplishments! WAY TO GO CELESTE!!

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