Thursday, December 18, 2008

USS LINCOLN'S Christmas Party

We were finally let out of the house without children! Now I love our kiddos but oh how nice it was to just check out for a break! It was the first time Michael and I had a night out since prior to his over 300 days...but who's counting..right!?! The party was held at the Tulalip Casino and boy was it grand! With Michael's career on submarines and small ships we've never experienced such a huge party as on the carrier. There were some 2,200 people and over $15,000 worth of prizes and drawings given out. (Unfortunately we didn't win a stinkin' thing) WOW is right!
We were so glad to be able to share the night with good friends! It was also a great chance to meet new people and a lot of Michael's division. He has some hoots that's for sure!
Okay so I have to talk about "the shoes"! I saw these shoes in September and just couldn't resist!! So when it come time to pick an outfit for the party I KNEW it had to work around the shoes!! I had so many people give compliments on them at the party. They were a conversation or two for sure! I was so happy to wear the zebra printed shoes that night.....of course the next morning my feet DIDN'T quite agree!
Now there was one more thing I was truly excited to early Christmas present from my WONDERFUL husband! Look around my neck...see it? Yep...a gorgeous 3.14 ct Journey diamond necklace! He's making sure to say out of the dog house for a while! I'm so stinkin' lucky to have him!