Thursday, December 25, 2008

Who's excited about Santa?!?

So it's 7:30 am Christmas morning and I'm hearing voices...nope...I'm not dreaming! Where is that boy at? Michael and I jump out of bed and head to the living room with expectations of finding Lance talking to himself and awing over the presents Santa has left. Again...nope! I try to quietly move up and down the hall in search for Lance and his conversing. Unfortunately I trip over the doorstop and boooinggggg...not so quiet. The talking stops. Michael and I giggle under or breaths and start to his room. There is Lance laying in his bed having a nice conversation with himself! We asked what he was doing and he complained that he couldn't go back to sleep because he forgot to turn his lamp on last night (have no clue). Then we ask if he had gotten up to see if Santa had visited us yet. "No I haven't." "Well are you going?", I say. He jumps out of bed and briskly walks to the living room. He has this blank stare. Then sees the gold! He lifts his little knee up and slaps it with his hand as he yells, "Oh sweet! Ben 10 Creature Creator!" I remind him that he has a sister and he takes off down the hall yelling at Celeste to get up. I think it's funny that we had to get the kids moving this morning. I'm not sure from the their reactions but Michael and I were EXTREMELY excited about Santa's visit!! Wanna see why????Not only did we have a great visit from Santa; we had a white Christmas too!! We were even lucky enough to get out and do a little sledding in between snow falls.
We had a great meal and even more so it was eaten on disposable plates...Merry Christmas to ME!!! We had dessert (lots of it) and finished the party singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. What a fun day!!!

So as I'm finishing up today's blog Michael was putting Lance to bed. He has a conversation with him that goes like this:

Dad: So Bub did you have a Merry Christmas? Did you have a good time today?
Lance: Yea. (in a solemn voice and then with a pause) I wish I could be a kid forever.
Dad: I wish I could be a kid forever too cause it's pretty fun when you're a kid but if I was a kid forever I would have never had you 'cause kids can't have kids. So what cha' gotta do is have the most fun while you're a kid and enjoy life as a kid. Okay?
Lance: Okay. (all skippy sounding)

You see kids, if we didn't have you guys then we'd probably look kind of stupid playing Rock Band all by ourselves! Thank goodness for kids! I love toys!!! :)


Jess and Drew said...

uh-oh... drew's jealous of the rock band now :)

Martha said...

wish I could have been there!!!